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are forever changing, feel free to explore. )
( Indexed projects made by busy hands and

1. Fleurdesel Crystal Enhancer  (façon traditionnelle de nourrir les plantes) Packaging 2019 SVA DIC Planting Studio via Erik Baker

2. Branding for the Lefty's AKA the Cold Pizza Delicatessan " A day old not a day late " 

3. Horseheir Brewery revised and constructed for thirsty mouths :: Austin Texas

4.  Round #3 Test Prints for Dreamville Concert starred by J. Cole

5. Editorial engineering for the Textile Reconstruction Program T.R.P. for OPREMA

-Article No. 01

6. Nomad Folly - Persistance of Nature within a Confined Space {Pub. 2019}

7. Rebranding the Emelin Theatre Centre for the Arts in Mamaroneck 

8. Experimental cover design for A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by David Wallace

9. UX/UI for Sabrina & Corina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine published by One World  2019

10. Travel with a Purpose inc Non-Profit

11. Carhartt Works in Progress Fall/Winter lookbook : " City 2 City " WIP #813

12. C4D for Seven Shades of Black UZ